It goes without saying that when you start something new in life, you want to get good at it. This goes for just about anything and it’s what motivates us to pursue goals and accomplishments. In this blog, we’re going to take a look at five keys to success with a focus on succeeding at your martial art of choice. If you’re ready to start training with a new instructor, contact Brooklyn Martial Arts today!


Consistency is something many people struggle with, but it’s one of the most crucial aspects of success. When we’re young, our parents usually help us maintain this consistency by taking us to soccer practice or making us work on homework every night. As we grow up, we’re usually reluctant to take the freedom into our own hands. However, it comes at a cost. We need to learn to maintain consistency in the things that we care about, otherwise, we’ll lose them!


When it comes to martial arts, it’s easier to recognize inconsistencies in our work, because we’re constantly competing with others. For example, if you come in for training one week and are able to defeat your opponent, but the next week, you aren’t able to, you’ll know that your opponent trained more consistently the previous week.   


Rarely ever can someone find success in something they don’t enjoy or aren’t passionate about. Although there are many factors in determining success, this may be the most important simply due to the fact that nothing else would be possible without it. For example, would you rather be the guy or girl that does martial arts because they know they’re good at it and they know they can win regularly, or would you rather be the one who’s passionate about what they do, even if that means losing every fight? It’s pretty safe to assume that the person who’s passionate will still be working hard in five or ten years whereas the other person will be long gone, doing something else.


Something many of us struggle with is the ability to have confidence in ourselves and our own abilities. This especially rings true when it comes to martial arts. Many people are under the impression that they’re too old, too small, or not strong enough to compete or train. This is never the case! Everyone starts at different levels when they come into Brooklyn Martial Arts for the first time, and the truth is, martial arts wouldn’t be very popular if it was only made for the select few. Think about it this way: just because it’s unlikely that you will become a football star like you dreamed of when you were a kid doesn’t mean you can’t play or be involved with it. The same applies to martial arts.

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These are just a few of the keys to success at martial arts. Success at anything takes consistency, passion, and confidence, but the only way to know if it’s working is to keep showing up to training and giving your best. Give us a call today to sign up for a class or check out part two of this blog for more helpful tips.