For both kids and parents, typical “pizza at a playground” birthday parties can get dull and boring after a while. This year, do something different— host a martial arts birthday party!

At Brooklyn Martial Arts, we love putting on awesome, fun, and memorable birthday parties for kids of all ages. Your kid will enjoy their special day with their friends and family, while learning valuable martial arts and self-defense skills (which will basically make them feel like a real-life superhero).


Our birthday party package includes:

  • Two hours of staff chaperoned fun and excitement (although parents are welcome to stay, help out, and even participate)
  • Pizza, cake, and ice cream for every guest (up to 15)
  • A unique opportunity for your child to cut their birthday cake with a real sword (under proper supervision, of course)
  • Party supplies for up to 15 kids
  • Non-stop games, activities, challenges, and martial arts lessons
  • The opportunity for your kid to be a co-instructor. (so that they get to feel like a big deal on their big day)

Contact us today if you would like to host your child’s birthday party at Brooklyn Martial Arts. We look forward to hearing from, and celebrating with, you and your child.

Choose your Brooklyn karate birthday party experience…

  • Option A: Standard Brooklyn Karate Birthday Party Cost: $399 2-hour party for up to 15 kids, including plates, napkins, utensils, pizza, and beverages Guests will participate in martial arts games and activities. Our instructor will assist the birthday boy/girl in cutting the cake with a real samurai sword!
  • Option B: Board-Breaking Extravaganza Brooklyn Karate Birthday Party Cost: $499 Same as Option A, plus… Our instructor will teach the birthday boy/girl and guests how to safely break real wooden boards!
  • Option C: Custom Theme Board-Breaking Extravaganza Brooklyn Karate Birthday Party Cost: $599 Same as Option B, plus… Custom-themed party supplies and decorations, for example Power Rangers, Kung Fu Panda, etc.