Focusing on safety and fundamentals, summer day camp at Brooklyn Martial Arts teaches kids valuable skills, such as life skills including self-defense and sportsmanship. We work hard to maintain a safe environment in which your child can grow and learn.


In Brooklyn Martial Arts summer day camp, your child will learn:

  • Self-defense skills
  • Weight control and early onset fitness techniques
  • Sportsmanship
  • Self-discipline
  • Self-confidence
  • How to participate in healthy competition
  • Teamwork skills
  • Focusing techniques
  • Healthy conflict resolution
  • The importance of mind-body connection
  • Better balance, coordination, and posture
  • How to respect themselves and others
  • Body awareness skills
  • Memorization and retention

We look forward to helping your child grow into a disciplined and well-rounded adult, call to reserve your child’s spot today.