Have you ever considered trying martial arts? Many people want to try a martial art but never do because of the fear that it may be too difficult or that it could be too dangerous. The great news is, the term “martial arts” covers a wide range of fighting forms, and there is something out there for everyone, no matter your age and no matter your skill level or experience. If you’re on the edge about starting a martial arts training program, keep reading because we’re going to talk about a few of the health benefits of practicing martial arts.


You may spend hours at the gym lifting weights and “getting buff.” Although this is surely one of the best ways to gain strength, you’re not really learning any skills in the process. Sure, there are more complicated lifts like the deadlift that require a special technique in order to avoid injury, however, it’s still not a real practical real-life skill. If you practice martial arts, you’ll be gaining full-body strength, while at the same time, learning a useful skill that is not only fun, but can be used for self-defense.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t supplement your martial arts training with strength training. At Brooklyn Martial Arts, we have a personal training program taught by martial arts experts. We’ll walk you through strength training programs that are specifically designed to build strength for martial arts. Martial arts like karate, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Taekwondo are all great for building strength.


Flexibility isn’t just important for being able to do certain stretches, it keeps our bodies limber and healthy enough to function while avoiding injury. Similar to gymnastics, martial arts requires you to perform complex maneuvers that use your full range of motion. Of course, in order to benefit the most from this and to avoid injury, your martial arts instructor will show you the proper way to warm up and stretch beforehand and teach you how to perform each technique.

In addition to the added range of movement and injury prevention, flexible joints don’t need as much energy to move meaning you’ll have increased blood flow and you’ll be using less energy with each movement. This improves your overall athletic performance.


No matter what sports you’re into, coordination physical coordination is important. Most martial arts forms require you to coordinate every part of your body into specific moves that also require stability, especially in your lower body. If you’re a weightlifter, this coordination and stability will help you maintain the position and height of weights, generally giving you a better workout. You’ll also see a boost in performance in other sports that you play.

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