How can I find martial arts classes near me?

Before you start looking for a martial arts class to join, it’s important to figure out what discipline of martial arts you’re interested in. Although you could simply Google, “martial arts near me,” you should have some idea of what you’re interested in first. If you’re interested in a grappling form of martial arts, Brazilian jiu jitsu may be for you. However, if you’re more interested in a striking discipline, you may opt for kickboxing. At Brooklyn Martial Arts, we offer BJJ, fitness kickboxing, and mixed martial arts, so we’ve got a good variety of options for you to get started with.

Is martial arts dangerous?

Modern martial arts training is almost always overseen by a certified and experienced martial arts instructor, meaning you’ll be safe and avoid injury. At Brooklyn Martial Arts, our master instructor, Peter Lawson, oversees training sessions to ensure your safety.

Am I too old to learn martial arts?

Our martial arts school here at Brooklyn Martial Arts has no age restrictions. We encourage people of all ages to give martial arts a try and see just how beneficial it can be, not only because you’ll learn a new sport, but you’ll get in shape and meet a lot of great people in the process. Although martial arts is considered an individual sport, our martial arts training classes feel like more of a team environment because everyone is committed to the success of their peers.

Is martial arts a good workout?

Absolutely! You’d be remiss to find a martial art that doesn’t offer a great, full-body workout. Although many sports offer a great workout, there are few that are focused entirely on mastering movement, strength, and agility. Through our Brazilian jiu jitsu and MMA training classes, you’ll strengthen every part of your body and be able to pull off moves that you never thought were possible. And if (for some reason) this isn’t enough of a workout for you, we do offer fitness kickboxing and personal training classes.

Is martial arts good for self-defense?

Although the viability of using martial arts as self-defense is heavily debated, there are some undeniable benefits of having martial arts experience. This includes things like improved strength, agility, reaction time, discipline, endurance, and balance.

The biggest concern when training martial arts for self-defense is the mentality. In martial arts classes, you will learn to be aggressive and always take steps to win over your opponent. However, in a situation where your life is on the line, all of your energy should be focused on defending yourself. Although you can certainly learn a lot about self-defense from training mixed martial arts or Brazilian jiu jitsu with us, we recommend taking a class specifically designed for self-defense in addition to our classes.

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