Hello, and welcome back to our blog here at Brooklyn Martial Arts. Last time, we talked about some of the main reasons you should consider martial arts as an adult. Although we covered a lot last time, it wasn’t enough to cover everything. There truly are a lot of reasons for joining a martial arts training program as an adult. Not only will you be introduced to a sport that lets you grow and develop at your own pace, but you’ll be able to get your whole family involved. Keep reading to learn about several more reasons why you should try martial arts as an adult.

Set Your Own Pace

Contrary to popular belief, when you join a martial arts gym or training group, people won’t expect you to train 24/7 — they won’t even expect you to compete. That’s the thing about martial arts, you can take things at your own pace and learn at your own rate. Once you believe you’re ready to compete, you can do so. On top of that, you’ll be able to work on your own time and your own schedule, so if you’re a busy person either with work or things in your personal life, you shouldn’t have any problems doing martial arts.

Stress Relief

Most of us get a little stressed out from time to time, usually by work, or being overwhelmed by obligations and responsibilities. Although you could opt for a more traditional form of stress relief such as going for a run or lifting weights, it’s much easier to get your mind off things while doing something like martial arts where you not only need to concentrate physically, but mentally as well.

Making New Friends

If you work in an office building all day, you probably don’t get very many opportunities to reach outside your comfort zone and meet new people very often. Although martial arts is a very independent sport, it’s also a very social one. Since you’ll be so reliant on other people for your growth, it’s almost as if it’s a team sport at the same time.


Last but certainly not least, self-defense is another great reason to give martial arts a go. Although not many people solely practice martial arts for self-defense reasons, it is just another one of the many benefits of training. For kids, this could mean standing up to a bully who’s picking on someone but for you, it could be a more serious case of having to protect your family or a friend. Although some forms of martial arts are better than others for self-defense, all of them will provide you with some basic skills and enough strength training to have a bigger advantage if things got sour with an unpleasant person.

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