We’ve all heard the excuses before: I’m too old; my body doesn’t work the way it used to; I’m too busy! But what if I told you that martial arts can be learned by anyone at any age, doesn’t require you to be a bodybuilder, and takes only as much time as you want it to take? In previous blogs, we’ve discussed why children should start martial arts young, but if you’re a parent and you feel like your time to do fun stuff like martial arts is passed, keep reading, because we’re going to talk about some of the top reasons you, as an adult, should start martial arts training.


As adults, we don’t typically spend a lot of time running around in the yard or swinging from tree branches like we did when we were kids. And if we do, it’s usually met with a pulled leg muscle or a tree branch to the face. Over time, we become more and more discouraged when it comes to doing exciting things because we feel like injury is always looming right around the corner. First of all, martial arts isn’t just one discipline, it involves many different disciplines. Most of which don’t require you to be able to swing your foot over your head. On top of that, you’re always encouraged to go at your own pace, not others’ pace, especially here at Brooklyn Martial Arts.

Setting An Example

If you have kids, chances are, you always want to set a good example for them. Whether that means reinforcing good habits, exercising, or treating people with respect, martial arts can do all three. By taking your child to a friendly martial arts training facility, you’ll show them the value of respecting others, discipline and using combat as a form of personal growth and development rather than as a way to inflict injury on another person. You can teach them that everyone has something to learn from martial arts regardless of their age or gender.

Regaining Interest

Most adults, for better or worse, are pretty set in their ways. They know what their interests are and they know what their strengths and weaknesses are. But instead of falling into old habits and shying away from new things, adulthood should be a time to break through these barriers and get yourself to try something new even if you think you won’t be good at it. Most forms of martial arts have a low barrier of entry, but there is nearly an infinite amount of room to grow and learn. Most adults would benefit from something like this!

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